Friday, June 12, 2009

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

After a tough week at work one should always try focus on the positives. For me, that would include shoes, dogs, and sushi.

Monday was somewhat summer-like but only somewhat. I wanted to ride my bike to work, which I had not done at all the previous week and missed it dreadfully. My day is always better when I start and end it with a little exercise. And when I am wearing some happy shoes. I chose this floral pair by Indigo. Bob saw them at Shoes and Such on W. Aspen and encouraged me to purchase them as a little frivolous but sexy addition to my feet.

Always on the look for a nice image for my blog, Bob snapped this funny pair, a woman hauling her dog on a bike trailer. He spotted them outside City Hall as the Northern Arizona Pride Association was setting up for Pride in the Pines in Wheeler Park. I would love to think one of our dogs would cooperate on a similar bike trailer but somehow I can't picture it.

As I mentioned above, so far it has been a chilly summer in Northern Arizona. I've ridden my bike to work most of the week but fought some pretty strong winds. Their push back on the ride home to the west side of town has almost been a metaphor for other parts of my life but I trudge through. The force of the winds, and other factors make tough goings but, as I was reminded earlier this evening, my bad week was likely better than a lot of other peoples'. I could be weathering the recession on my own, with neither the Planner Guy or friends, which after nearly 3 years, we have been lucky enough to make.

Slugging it through the wind and a steep hill last night, Bob rung me on the cell phone and suggested that we meet at Sushi Fuji. He had the Element, after having to carry charts and visual aids to a meeting outside of the office. I gratefully agreed that a detour for sushi was in order. I arrived first and parked my bike under a young tree, my usual spot for locking my bike at our very favorite sushi place. Bob got there shortly after I did and these are two of the creations we feasted on. I believe they are supposed to resemble dragons.

My week didn't really end any better than it started but at this moment I have the pleasure of expressing my ideas and interests in my bike commuting and fashion blog. I can do that no matter what happens between 7 a.m. - 4 p.m. My blog is something I take pleasure and pride in, and learn from. The recession/depression and mortgage and job meltdown are strongly testing how I see myself. I try and use my blog as a means of staying connected to that part of myself that is independent, smart, creative, and future oriented - the parts of me that some might find inconvenient but I am deeply afraid of loosing. They have seen me through other challenges. I think those are the attributes Bob loves about me. I also believe they are the characteristics that I share with the readers of SRAB. I truly appreciate all the comments that have been posted on this blog since I got started with it in February. Please keep them coming. They make me feel a little less out of step during a time when it seems so all important to march in a straight line, even if one feels like one is heading toward a cliff.


Shelly said...

Thanks for sharing the photos and stories of your mountain bicycle chic lifestyle. It's always a pleasurable experience to stop by. Your 'independent, smart, creative and future oriented' core self is so Ride On!!

She Rides a Bike said...

Shelly, thanks for your very sweet comment. I really appreciate it and love visiting your blog. You seem to have happily abandonned even trying to fit into that boring round hole! :)

Filigree said...

Very nice narrative!

Cats, fountain pens, and sushi here.

MamaVee said...

mmm I am now suddenly stuck at home alone wanting sushi!!! No fair :-)

Christa said...

Love the dog photo. I've seen this a few times, but the dog was very small.