Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Finally Arrives!

Summer finally arrived in Flagstaff this week along with the summer monsoon season. The mornings remain cool and very pleasant for being on a bike. This week I've been able to abandon my jacket or heavy sweater but not my lighter biking gloves, as it is likely that the morning chill could remain all summer long. Naturally, the change in season brings with it the desire for new summer clothes. It is with great discipline that I hold back, a least most of the time. It isn't easy when I see pretty clothes displayed in store windows with vintage bicycles.

Today I wore my new favorite outfit - the Vitaliti tank and wrap skirt, both from Patagonia. I found them recently in Mountain Sports, at Aspen and San Francisco. The skirt hits me a few inches below the knee. I wear black leggings under them to stay overed with my skirt flies away on my bike but also for a little more warmth. Summer might have arrived in Flagstaff but I'm not really comfortable until its at least 80 degrees. Until then, I am still cold. To help me combat the chill I wore a light tan 3/4 sleeve cardigan from Ann Taylor, which has been a central part of my spring and summer wardrobe for about 5 years. I've worn it so much I recently noticed the neckline is frayed and this morning I found a tiny whole in the front. The cardigan is so elegant and soft that I toy with sending it my seamstress to see what she might be able to do with it to prolong its life. I hate saying goodbye to a piece of clothing this reliable. I am sure that I'm going to end up feeling the same way about the wrap skirt. I worried about whether or not I'd get tangled in the in skirt while pedaling my Expedition but nothing of the sort happened. I will likely purchase another.

From the Front Porch

Despite the threat of rain, I pedaled in to work most day this week. Morning showers are rare and I don't necessary mind the rain in the afternoon on my way home. On the way home that afternoon the rain became heavy as I cut through NAU campus so I stopped for an iced tea at Campus Coffee Bean and chatted on my cell with a former coworker, while I waited out the precipitation with my Expedition locked up near me.

I arrived home about 45 minutes later after a stop at the grocers. Bob was asleep on the front porch, where we've been spending our evening hours nearly every night this week. Twice this week, we played cribbage on the porch until after dark. With candles burning, the planters and flower boxes bursting with color, and the dogs happily splayed out on the floor, our front porch is the perfect place to rest after pedaling up several steep hills on our way home.


Filigree said...

That bicycle in the store window looks very romantic for summer. My favourite place to be in summer is in Northern New England by the ocean. Can't wait. I don't mind chilly mornings and evenings, but any kind of humidity really gets to me.

The outfits have indeed been difficult to resist this year, especially since there is a trend towards tasteful, flowing dresses. But every time I reach for one, I think "This, or a set of panniers? This, or a new basket/bell/etc?" -- and the urge for new clothing fades away like magic!

Dottie said...

I love wrap skirts for cycling, as long as I remember to safety pin the fabric together.