Monday, June 8, 2009

A Farmer's Market Adventure

The farmer's market moved this summer to the south parking lot of City Hall. Bob and I were excited to pedal down on Sunday since we were in need of fresh vegetables and Dr. Hummus and pita chips for our nightly summer front porch fests. It seemed that quite few people had the same idea.

As we locked up our bikes next to the stalls, I notices a stylish couple locking up this tandem bike! I've never been interested in riding a tandem but this one is truly beautiful. I hurriedly got my bicycle locked up and gathered my basket and pannier hoping to traily the fashionable pair but lost them in the crowd! I hoped to be able to find them back at their tandem after a reasonable amount of time but when I returned the tandem was gone - and so were they. Darn it! Still not fast enough with the camera.

The market always attracts a lot of bike commuters and their families, especially on sunny days. Ted and Lizette are dedicated bike commuters and make it a family (and friend) affair. Their daughter and her friend are well on their way with cycle chic, with both lovely bicycles and a flair for pattern. Lizette clearly shares he daughter's lack of fear of pattern. Those are some happy pants!

I don't know whether or not this model of Flagstaff Mountain Cycle Chic actually arrived on a bike, it definitely wouldn't surprise me if she did. I loved everything that she had on and her shopping basket is on my "to buy" list.

As you can see from Bob's pannier we did quite well at the market for this week. We can't resist the very large green onions and are physcially unable to leave without a couple of tubs of Dr. Hummus. Bob also found some fruit spread that he thought might be quite tasty on one of his specialty "cocktail" pizza crusts. We're having a recession wine and cheese party on our front porch next week and will be doing some experimenting in the kitchen this week so anything could happyen with the fruit spread.

After wrapping up at the farmer's market we headed over to Belgravia Cafe on South Beaver for people watching on hot coffee. Despite the sunny skies, the temperature was surprisingly cool. That's summer at 7000 feet.


mtblawgirl said...

Perfect day!

sara said...

There's seems to be the same sort of positive confluence bike commuters and our local farmers' market as well. Each week we meet more and more riders and get to talk about our bikes at length. Looks like you have a great market there.

MamaVee said...

nice haul. Our market doesn't start until AFTER july 4th. Each early summer I count the weeks. I can't wait to bike this year consistantly. ( last year I had helmet and trailer wars with the children.)

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