Friday, June 19, 2009

Don’t Hate Them Because They’re Beautiful on Bikes

Recently, April Streeter a Treehugger blogger came under fire for a post listing six reason why the world needs more girls on bikes. Streeter's approach to the subject was light-hearted but she commented on the influence bike commuting women have on changing the priorities of transportation planning and insfratructure. The piece got a fair amount of criticism for allegedly being sexist toward women because she pointed out (correctly, in my opinion) that many women are reluctant to bike commute due to concerns about their their appearance upon arriving to work and worries about their safety. Some who commented took issue with referring to women as girls, while others questioned why attractiveness was even an issue. Along those lines, several readers commented that cycle chic bloggers would not consider featuring hot guys on bikes. On that last suggestion, I whole heartedly disagree. I married a hot guy on a bike and he’s one of my favorite subjects. I also know that a most of the cycle chic blogs I read take note of well-dressed and good looking men on bikes on a pretty regular basis.

Only this past week I caught some pretty cute fellas on my lunchtime walks with the camera. I mean no disrespect by posting these shots.

Yes, this young woman is a pretty, girl on a bike. I don’t resent her for it, nor do I resent any boy or man, bike commuting blogger or otherwise, who notices her youth and good looks. I assume she does have a brain in her head but also knows that she is attractive and has decided to go ahead and flaunt it. Good for her. I think she wears it well (and in fine taste for the middle of the day). I hope she uses her self-confidence and educated mind to negotiate herself a salary equal to a similarly qualified man, something that gender neutral pronouns, public belching, banning Barbie from the toy box, and addressing Barbara Boxer as "Senator" as opposed to "ma'am" have yet to do.


GhostRider said...

Amen to everything you said!

The people who objected to the original article probably don't read enough of the "cycle chic" blogs to understand them, anyway...and there are plenty of well-dressed/fashionable men represented on them.

Tinker said...

Copenhagen Cycle Chic has run several photos of Manly Men, in remarkable stylish clothes, on their "pages". (okay, they do publish more good looking women/girls/female member of the opposite sex, but thats just because guys always appreciate that sort of photo.

They recently ran an article on "How to Wear a Skirt while riding a bike", and it seemed to be good advice for the Scotsman as well as the Danish Women.