Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More Flag Mountain Cycle Chic Revealed!

Very Flagstaff mountain cycle chic. Slim cropped pants, a light sweater, and some cool shades because the sun is really intense at 7000 feet. Perfect for a ride down the urban trail followed by dinner and drinks at Mountain Oasis. This is the look here. Suits tend to look at bit awkward here. Can't explain it.

Messenger bag, slim henley tee, and green fatigues. I kinda think she had it goin' on and the bikes really cool, too. Again, your typical Flagstaff fashionista is anything but high fashion.

The season for thunder and dry lightening has returned. The days can change from hot and dry to dark, windy, and cool in nothing flat. Monsoons might not arrive until mid-June or July so lightening strikes are particularly threatening. Still, I worry less about getting struck while on my bike than getting caught in a cold shower on the way to work. This morning the dark clouds psyched me out and I suggested to Bob that we just drive in. Other than a few cold sprinkles on the way in nothing really naterialized beyond dark clouds and wind. The evening before we took cover from a light rain at the Campus Coffee Bean on University and Milton and warmed up with a latte. A nice excuse to stop and indulge our tastes for expensive coffee. Tomorrow we'll show more commitment. As Planner Guy likes to remind me, you can't be a committed bike commuter only when the sun shines. I'd feel a little less guilty if we had been able to catch a bus in. Maybe guilt is the wrong word. I just am not in as good a mood when we have to drive. When we bike to work I am inevitably happier and more upbeat all day long. Even taking the bus wakes me up in the morning as it offers people watching a chance to catch up on sitting back and thinking about nothing at all (oh, how I miss having a bus stop half a block from my front door). When we drive I just think about worries. Does anyone else experience car-driving dysphoria?


Dottie said...

I really like this mountain chic look :)

She Rides a Bike said...

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