Thursday, April 16, 2009

Someone Told Me It Was April

Is it true that today is actually April 16? Given the small blizzard this afternoon outside our office windows, one would never guess. Yes, I realize that we always need the water but I am ready for warmer temperatures and sunny days. No bike commuting all week due to cold, wet weather. Yes, I'm a bit of a wimp, but inclimate weather is a barrier I have yet to overcome.

As I look at the gloomy skies outside our kitchen window, my thoughts return to a little ray of sunshine I've seen locked to various bike posts in downtown Flagstaff. A cute bike. I love the warm, happy color. I don't know about the handlebars though. I think this is a beach cruiser. Not sure so anyone can feel free to correct me. I've never ridden a bike with this type of handlebar but it looks pretty awkward. Comments from the experienced are welcome.

Life Updates

Bob and I visited several Portland websites to plan our travel itinerary. We plan to rent bikes at Waterfront Bikes, visit Powells, pay homage to the zoobomber bike stacks, and have a beer at the Lucky Labradore Brew Pub!

Today, I signed up to be my office's Bike to Work Week coordinator. Yes, it is a thankless job but someone has to inspire (pressure) her co-workers to give up their cars for a day or two. I have big plans to photograph my coworkers looking their most cycle chic best, with a mountain chic twist of course.

The City of Flagstaff is holding its annual Earth Day celebration this Saturday at the south lawn of City Hall. A bike repair booth is planned and I'll be heading down there in pursuit of visual subject matter. Hopefully, I'll have some interesting content up this weekend. With the bad weather this week, pickin's have been pretty slim.


jbubble said...

You must make a trip to Clever Cycles (SE 9th and Hawthorne), it's right across from the Lucky Lab. I'm not sure if you'll be here for your actual anniversary, but they're having a special "bike meets dress" event on Thursday, April 30. From their newsletter: "Join us for "Heels on Wheels", on Thursday, April 30th - Celebrate with us, strawberries and wine. Wear your cutest bike outfit, your highest bike heels and check out what Ibex, Sheila Moon
and Suzabelle would like to see you in this Spring."

And if you're around in the afternoon on Sunday, May 3, there's the Pretty Dress Ride -

And since you're were a ceramics major, you should probably also go check out the Museum of Contemporary Craft since they've got a small but nice ceramics show up - .

Have a great trip! I'll keep my fingers crossed for nice weather for you - it's still unpredictable this time of year.

jbubble said...

ps...clever cycles rents bikes too, if you have a hankering to ride a dutch bike around town ;)

jbubble said...

OK, last comment, I promise. I'm just excited that you're spending your anniversary here :)

Hit up some food carts while you're here. Here's a good list of some of the best of them, though it misses a few that I like, like the new Perierra Crêperie cart next to the belgian fries cart at 12th and Hawthorne (mmmm, the chocolate and prosciutto crepe is to die for!) -

Lynn said...

That's a really nice bike, but I don't get the handlebars either! How could they possibly be comfortable in that position? Maybe the rider is really tall and likes to sit low to the ground without their knees hitting the handlebars. Or maybe they just don't trust their deodorant!

She Rides a Bike said...

Lynn: Your comment cracked me up! Never would have thought of that but you could be right.

Jbubbles: Thanks for all your suggestions! I read that Portland has some great French restaurants. Are there a lot of people there of French ancestry. I love all things French and will peddle miles for a good crepe.

jbubble said...

*grin* I didn't mean to overwhelm your comments thread. Someday I'll learn to compose an entire thought and just post one comment.

But I did think of a few more, once you said you will peddle miles for a good crepe. Le Happy ( and Tour de Crepes. And Pix Patisserie. There are a lot of other restaurants that are supposed to be great (Le Pigeon, Sel Gris, Belly Timber, Bluehour, Fenouil) but what with two small boys and no reliable babysitting, we don't get out to those sorts of restaurants with enough regularity to be able to recommend them other than by reputation alone. But any and all of them would definitely be appropriate for an anniversary meal!

Feel free to email me (jjfantastic_at_hotmail_dot_com) if you want me to come up with any other suggestions!

As for the bike with the crazy high handlebars, maybe someone's been watching this ad too much -

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