Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How Many Times Has This Happened to You?

It was a choice between sensible shoes and black, suede ballet flats so you can guess which won out. The perfect slipper to pair with my Patagonia boot cut capris. I felt very Audrey Hepburn as we excited the driveway this morning.

Another beautiful morning in Flagstaff. Just enough chill in the air for only a light jacket, no wind, and sun that promiced a warm afternoon walk. Bob and I pedaled to the corner of Beulah and Lake Forest to cross on our way to the flat but bike-laneless and completely uninspiring Milton Avenue. The light changed to green and Bob pushed off first. I started to follow but upon my start, off popped my right ballet flat, bouncing against the curb and then back under my bike. Damn, I swore under my breath. Why does this always happen on what would otherwise have been my most graceful bike ride so far this spring? Naturally, my flats have a elastic band around the opening of the shoe making it impossible for me to quickly slip my foot into the slipper in a Cinderella-like fashion. Since the street is usually busy, I kicked my ballet flat on the sidewalk where I moved with my Expedition. I returned the shoe to my foot, feeling utterly humiliated. Does this happen to women in Copenhagen? Across the street, Bob patiently waited, wondering why he couldn't have married a woman with a taste for sensible shoes.

Life Update

Only one more day until our Portland trip. Flying Horizon Airlines, which I understand serves Starbucks, wine, yummy snacks.

Planner Guy are prepping our front porch for our late spring through early fall nearly nightly ritual of front porching. We retained the porch on Sunday and plan to do the rails upon our return to Flag. While vacations are brief, we can nightly enjoy our staycation on the front porch on cozy furniture, snug under blankets at dusk while we play cribbage and nibble cheese and fruit washed down with wine. I plan to do some entries on the concept of front porching, which really does have quite a following, other kindred souls who appreciate the life at a slower and simpler pace.


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I am greatly enjoying your blog and those shoes are de-vine!

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