Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Path Less Taken

Although Monday was bitterly cold and damp, today's weather made for a perfect morning bike commute. Planner Guy's alter-ego Chef Bob cooked up an amazing Irish beef and Guinness stew last night to serve at the semi-annual Community Development pot luck (Irish themed I suppose in honor of St. Patrick's Day) so he drove the Element to work. I can't let a good biking day pass me by when any day now a March snow storm could be upon us, dumping a foot or more of snow, so I pedaled in on my own. Despite the nice weather, I saw few bicyclists on the road and Flagstaff Urban Trail System. Too bad. Flagstaff is a small town and most trips are pretty short. Most can be at least partly done on the FUTS. Oh, well. I pedaled in alone but confident that I could guiltlessly enjoy lunching on Chef Bob's latest creation (which was fantastic).

Pictured here is a view from the Flagstaff Urban Trail that runs along side our
neighborhood. The San Francisco Peaks are just over the tree-line. Although it is not apparent from this photo, they are still capped with snow. The view is particularly dramatic after a fresh, heavy snow. I make it a point whenever I bike to work to take few moments during my ride to appreciate the Peaks for their age and beauty, and the fact that they contain a dormant volcano! As I consider this, I find myself wondering if Arizona receives any "pork" to pay for the US Geographical Survey to monitor our volcano? I'll have to consult with Governor Jindal's staff on that one.