Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Path Less Taken

Although Monday was bitterly cold and damp, today's weather made for a perfect morning bike commute. Planner Guy's alter-ego Chef Bob cooked up an amazing Irish beef and Guinness stew last night to serve at the semi-annual Community Development pot luck (Irish themed I suppose in honor of St. Patrick's Day) so he drove the Element to work. I can't let a good biking day pass me by when any day now a March snow storm could be upon us, dumping a foot or more of snow, so I pedaled in on my own. Despite the nice weather, I saw few bicyclists on the road and Flagstaff Urban Trail System. Too bad. Flagstaff is a small town and most trips are pretty short. Most can be at least partly done on the FUTS. Oh, well. I pedaled in alone but confident that I could guiltlessly enjoy lunching on Chef Bob's latest creation (which was fantastic).

Pictured here is a view from the Flagstaff Urban Trail that runs along side our
neighborhood. The San Francisco Peaks are just over the tree-line. Although it is not apparent from this photo, they are still capped with snow. The view is particularly dramatic after a fresh, heavy snow. I make it a point whenever I bike to work to take few moments during my ride to appreciate the Peaks for their age and beauty, and the fact that they contain a dormant volcano! As I consider this, I find myself wondering if Arizona receives any "pork" to pay for the US Geographical Survey to monitor our volcano? I'll have to consult with Governor Jindal's staff on that one.


letsgorideabike said...

Ha! Keep us posted. That looks like a beautiful ride. I don't see anything quite as impressive on my commute route, but one of the things I like about bicycle commuting is being able to take a few minutes out of the day to appreciate being outdoors.

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