Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More Scenes from the Trail, Plus Shoes

When I pedale to work one of the hardest decisions is choice of footwear. In Louisville, I typically wore suits and business casual most of the week with heels or dressy flats and sandals, depending on the weather. I didn't have to worry about stumbling over stray volcanic rock so Dansko clogs were regulated to home and Fridays. Oh, how my life has changed.

This is Flagstaff, and I do have to worry about stumbling over volcanic rocks, other types of rocks that only a geologist could identify and that are forever blocking my route, and, of course during the cold months, cinders strewn all over the road and sidewalk, keeping the walker, driver, and bicyclist safe from sliding all over creation. I'm a city girl. and this debris of nature disturbs my inner French-girl who would like to walk gracefully from the door of City Hall to coffee shop without twisting my ankle.

This morning I decided I wanted to wear my red Earthshoes, pictured here. I purchased them at Shoes and Such on Aspen Avenue two years ago during a fierce snowstorm while Bob and I were on our way to the Wine Loft. Having never recovered from my mother buying me the white go-go boots and not the red go-go boots that she bought my sister when we were 8 and 7 years old respectively, I am powerless before red shoes when I find them on sale. Score! I also found red suede ballet flats on the same trip, also on sale. Still under a delusion that I had aced a job interview that afternoon and convincing the Planner Guy I had the job, both pairs were mine! But I digress . . . I rarely wear the red Earthshoes, though whenever I do I get numerous complements, especially on the Campus of Northern Arizona University. I just couldn't wear the Dansko clogs another day (although I no doubt will wear them on Friday) and Earthshoes navigate volcanic rock and the boulders that were sure to be on the FUTS and sidewalks on Milton Avenue exceptionally well.

Again, I biked in alone since Planner Guy had a committee meeting after work and needed the car. The red Earthshoes work well on the bike and oddly collected half the amount of cinders on the inside that the clogs usually do.

Continuing yesterday's bike route theme, today I photographed the FUTS on the southside of the train tracks just west of the Amtrak station. Happily, the train was passing as I took this shot, adding a little visual interest. I've never been on Amtrak but I've heard it's wonderful so I'm determined to plan a trip somewhere in the next couple of years.

On my way home I shot a section of the FUTS trail, coming and going, that runs
through the older section of Ponderosa Trails, our neighborhood. When the weather warms up we will see dog walkers and runner, as well as an assortment of children on bikes. I freely admit, I prefer the dogs.<

> And here is one of ours. Milo, the boy-dog. Bob got him when he lived in Winter Park, Colorado. Milo often went to work with Bob and was known as the Planner Dog. In those days, he often ran along side stray mountain bikers for hours before returning home. His favored past time these days is lying atop snow banks that form in our back yard and surveying his domain.


letsgorideabike said...

Cute shoes and great pictures! -Dottie

RidingPretty said...

Stopping by to say hello. Loving the red shoes!