Saturday, February 28, 2009

When Bad Things Happen to Good People

When I first took the Expedition to work and locked it outside of City Hall, Planner Guy insisted that I remove the leather (pleather??) seat from the quick release and keep it at my desk until we left. And, why, would I mar the beauty of my cute little bike by removing the seat? With an eye-ball roll, Bob told me that the morally challenged think nothing of stealing bike seats from unattended bikes, especially if they are nice, new, comfy ones (he probably did not use that exact language). Reluctantly I carried seat up to my desk, feeling a bit like an over-reactive ninny.

Earlier this week, I stopped by my friend and coworker Dave's desk and told him about my blog. He told me his bike seat was stolen the night before when he left his bike locked on the front steps over night. Villains! I do not tend to spend much time worrying about personal safety or being a crime victim so it truly astounds me to hear news like this. I just can't imagine any circumstances in which I would steal.

I'm pretty careful about where I leave my bike and for how long. City Hall steps seem pretty safe due to all the foot traffic. Still, I'm glad the quick release on my seat had to be removed when the rear rack was installed - its beauty and comfort would be too great a temptation.

3 comments: said...

Yeah, that's one of the main reasons why city bikes in Europe and Asia generally don't have any quick-release parts - because they use them for nearly all of their trips around the city, they are left out in the city out of necessity, and anything that could be easily taken off most likely will be. But, if someone has to un-bolt your seat/wheel/light/etc they will be much less likely to try than if they can just flip the little lever and pull it off.

Beany said...

People who steal bike seats are the lowest of the low. Sorry your friend lost his seat. My husband uses an old chain to attach the seat to the seat post, so now the thief would need two separate tools to steal his seat.

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