Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This is My First Post and I'm a Little Nervous . . .

In the many months that I’ve threatened to start this project I’ve looked at a lot of cycle chic and bike commuter blogs. I’ve wondered at times if I really have anything to add but probably anyone who has ever returned, again and again, to Copenhagencyclechic.com has had that same thought. Flagstaff has a long way to go to truly be the bike centric city that Copenhagen is but I think with every person who decides to give bike commuting (whether in high heels or Teva sandals) we are making strides. Flagstaff has an urban trail system (the FUTS) that is very popular and goes almost everywhere so that my time on the road, where I worry about the very, very monstrously large SUVs, is kept to a minimum.

I’ve been off my bike for since December 15 due to a combination of snow, a lower back injury, more snow, and just plain really cold weather. My plan is to, over time, toughen up a bit in the snow and cold department and a let my back heal a more so that I can be absolutely ready for Bike to Work Week in May. My plan is to have a link to the Flagstaff Bike Club’s Bike to Work Week page and to focus my posts that week on newbies to bike commuting, with a special emphasis on choice of dress. Bob and I started out last year wearing our cool weather running and outdoor gear but within a few weeks switched to regular work clothes.

Since last year’s Bike to Work Week I’ve purchased a Specialized Expedition, which I outfitted with a rear bike rack, a detachable headlight, a kick stand, a rear view mirror, and a wicker basket for the front. I’ll write more about my current choice of bikes in later posts, as well as say a bit about the bikes about which I continually fantasize. I think it is truly reasonable to have two or three bikes to suit the mood, the journey, or the outfit. My husband would probably disagree, although I’ve seen him eyeing a few bikes at Absolute Bikes on Route 66.

As I mentioned above, I log on to Copenhagencyclechic.com regularly for its photos, great links, and descriptions of daily life in Copenhagen. As I get my blog up and running I will begin experimenting with photos from my daily commute (last year we came upon a gigantic elk on the path) as well as updates on putting together bike-friendly ensembles. I need to new bike helmet and hope to find something more fashionable than what I have been wearing (I won’t name names on that one). I’d prefer not to have to wear a helmet but the United States has a way to go before I’d feel comfortable riding without one when I am traveling on the street. Look for photos posted this weekend.


letsgorideabike said...

Everyone has something to add and it's especially nice to have female bike commuters blogging. I look forward to reading about your adventures. Definitely need to see a pic of your bike - the set up with the rack, basket, etc. sounds great. For stylish helmets, my favorite is Nutcase - not only do their helmets have cute prints, but the shape is the only one that doesn't make my head look huge :)


She Rides a Bike said...

Thanks for your feedback, Dottie! I love the Nutcase helmets, too. Now I'm just debating on the pattern. If you visit my sheridesabike.com again you'll see a picture of me and my bike on the masthead. Tomorrow my husband and I plan to take advantage of a break in the weather and bike to work. I'll take the camera and shoot my favorite part of our route.

Doohickie said...

I started reading with the post about the layoffs. Sad times. I read back a little, then I skipped all the way back to the beginning. I don't know why you were a "Little Nervous" when you started blogging; you write well and Flagstaff is an interesting place. (Is Ed's Pink Flamingo Inn still on the main drag? I spent a dreadful night there years ago.)

I like the way you discuss the local bike scene. Where I live is fairly bike friendly, but there aren't a lot of cyclists out and about, to be honest. It's fun hearing of places where the cyclists are more common.

Doohickie said...

Oh, I forgot to comment on this: I think it is truly reasonable to have two or three bikes to suit the mood

I totally agree!

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